Shidduch Suggestion Service

Shidduchim is not only about finding information—sometimes you need a name to find information about! Shidduchim List is pleased to offer our reasonably-priced ($45) Shidduch Suggestion Service to girls ages 20 - 23, who are looking for learning boys in Lakewood or elsewhere. After carefully reviewing your resume, our professional shadchanim will recommend five to six boys whom they feel are most suitable for you, based on your own unique information. If the shidduchim suggested do not turn out to be your bashert, you may try the Shidduch Suggestion Service again. Simply resubmit with your code and fee. To resubmit your application please Click Here.

Please note that although this service is being offered from a site devoted to boys information, all girls information will only be seen by the shadchanim involved and kept strictly confidential